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The Path To Membership Is Easy

It’s just a few easy steps to become a member to one of the most innovative vacation clubs today. It’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to the Travel Freedom membership.

Step 1: Stay

We love to show off our accommodations and the Travel Freedom Vacation Club speaks for itself. Join so many people to come test it out and get a complimentary stay at one of our properties for qualified travelers.

Step 2: Tour

When you arrive at your accommodation, we will set up a tour that fits into your schedule. This is not a high pressure sales pitch, we want to show off where you are staying and we’ll go over the benefits that our members get. We’ll explain the different levels and if anything peaks your interest we’ll go over the details.

Step 3: Pick

The Travel Freedom Vacation Club has various levels of membership to fit any travel appetite and budget, which level is best is up to you. We have a starter basic level for the non-frequent traveler with countless savings all the way to or an ultra-exclusive level for the savvy avid traveler with luxurious amenities.

Step 4: Sign up and Enjoy

At the end of your tour you decide if you like the benefits. There is no obligation to purchase but we know you'll love it once you experience it. When you're ready sign up is very fast and easy. If you join during your tour you may receive additional incentives. We'll walk you through the paperwork to make it all transparent and easy to understand. And most importantly we celebrate you joining our Luxury Vacation Family!


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